Dolphi Condoms and Lubricants

Goods of the premium quality

Dolphi condoms are designed for maximum pleasure and comfort. A wide assortment of condoms corresponds to the anatomical features, giving varieties of sensory experience.

All condoms are made of premium quality latex that offers high thermal conductivity and elasticity as well as a natural tactile experience.

Feel the full power of the new pleasure from Dolphi and do not miss the opportunity to use it to the maximum, as you will get into a hurricane of new sensations, and nothing will be the same as before.

Light her heart, charm her with your love, feel the ultimate desire.
With new Dolphi you will fill your senses with meaning, fill your bodies with pleasure, make your life brighter and more dynamic.

Dolphins symbolize Dolphi

The main character of TM DOLPHI is a dolphin. Dolphins are creatures that live in two elements: water and air, linking the earth and heaven. They rescue people.

Dolphins are an allegory of survival, which was inspired by ancient legends depicting them as human’s friends. They symbolize safety, freedom, nobility, love and satisfaction. Dolphins are the only species of animals that can mate for pleasure. They are easy-going, playful and brave - like our target audience.

They are looking for new experiences!


Dolphi condoms are manufactured by a well-known factory:
Medpack Llc., Ukraine
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