Dentissimo Professional Oral Care

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Dentissimo Professional Oral Care is a strong Premium brand in Oral Care

It focuses on high-margin oral care products to meet consumer searches for specialized products and innovative formulas based on the combination of natural ingredients and biomimetic technologies.

We offer high-quality ingredients, refined taste and exclusive design to bring a truly unique range of toothpaste. The action of Dentissimo products is based on a UNIQUE Regera-PRO complex: REgeneration, REstoration, REmineralization. The products of Dentissimo Professional Oral Care are created by Nature, developed by Science.


The professional brand Dentissimo products for oral care were developed by specialists of the leading dental clinic in Switzerland, Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care, Bad Ragaz Grand Resort medical center. The source of inspiration for internationally renowned doctors - Dr. Michael Meier, Founder of the Perfect Smile Dental Care Bad Ragaz clinic, Switzerland, and his colleagues from Oral Care Research and Development department in Global Swiss Group, Switzerland, – originated from thermal water of a unique spring in the Swiss resort of Bad Ragaz.

Dentissimo toothpaste formulas were developed taking into account the latest research on oral care methods and considering the patients’ individual specific features.

Manufacture. Suppliers

Dentissimo® products are manufactured by worldwide-known European factories:
Betafarma S.P.A.; Italy, Medena AG; Switzerland, Piave S.P.A. Italy; Microdiamant AG, Switzerland, and others.
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