Dr. Frei Medical Devices

Medical devices for home
and professional use

Medical Devices for Home and Professional Use

After 25 years of experience and significant product participation in the international markets, a strong impulse to create a professional and exclusive range of medical devices for home use has led to a joint cooperation between medical practitioners, engineers and businessmen.

The devices intended for home use have been thoroughly verified by a range of “Home Doctors” under the Brand Dr.Frei® and it is the result of the highest-possible quality, design and competitive price that make TM Dr.Frei products competitive in any market. The range of medical goods under TM Dr.Frei is a complex proposition for pharmacies and a successful project for the mass market: internet shops, supermarkets and others.

The range of Dr.Frei medical devices includes automatic blood pressure monitors with various sets of functions, aneroid sphygmomanometers, digital thermometers, compressor nebulizers, stethoscopes, etc.

Manufacture. Suppliers

Dr. Frei® devices are manufactured by worldwide-known factories:
EP S.p.A., Italy; Shenzhen Pango Electronic Co. Limited, PRC; Homed Medical Technology Limited, PRC, and others.
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