Dr. Frei Pro Sports Bandages

Braces and Supports
for Athletes

Braces and Supports for Athletes

The growth and extension of the Dr.Frei brand continues.
Now Dr.Frei represents its own new professional product line of Braces & Supports for athletes and active people.
All supports and braces are made of innovative materials, which have unique properties:

•  keeping the body warm without blocking the skin respiration
•  providing of shock absorption, dynamic compression and better breathability during prolonged use
•  giving athletes maximum support and stability, as well as comfort, when they move

You keep an eye on the game, we keep an eye on the details to support you. A winning combination that has proved successful over and over again since we first entered the  medical production 12 years ago.

New product line was developed by sports physicians in order to support athletes' joints and muscles during intensive training with high stress and overloads as well as to prevent stretching and injuries during sports activities. Real athletes are constantly looking for new ways to exercise. Some old truths often need to be reconsidered. Good can always be a little bit better. You can always train a little bit harder. But sometimes it is up to the special means which have to support you and that are the occasions we aim when developing our products.

Do not stop — move to victory!
Focus on results!


Dr. Frei PRO products are manufactured by a well-known factory:
Medtex Swiss Ltd., Bulgaria.
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