Swiss Energy Pets Vitaminized Food

Nutritional solution for owners of cats and dogs


For World Champions from Switzerland

Swiss Energy Pets is a nutritional solution for pet owners to meet the dietary needs of their four-legged companions, developed by Swiss veterinarians and food engineers. The products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland by a well-established factory of feed for farm livestock, zoo animals and home pets. The production has more than a 30-year history and is certified by such respected associations, as Swiss Label and Swiss Feed Production Standard.
Swiss Energy Pets super premium food caters to quadruped friends of different sizes, life cycles, activity levels and specific health requirements. The main features, which all dog and cat food ranges have in common, are the provision of optimal protein, fiber and fat intakes, ideal dosages of elements and nutrients, and optimal digestibility.

The range of Swiss Energy Pets vitaminized food includes complete and balanced dry kibble and balanced moist soft diets for cats and dogs, snack mousses and energy sausages for dog training.

Manufacture. Suppliers

Swiss Energy Pets products are manufactured by the worldwide-known Swiss factory: 

Granovit AG

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