Swiss Energy Vitamin Cosmetics

Professional line of cosmetics based
on high concentrations of vitamins
and Alpine herbal extracts

From the Heart of Switzerland

Having a wide experience in the field of vitamins, Swiss Energy Pharma company has developed a professional line of cosmetic products based on high concentrations of vitamins and Alpine herbs. Natural plant extracts and vitamins make a strong rejuvenating, tonic and nourishing effect on the skin.

A professional line of products for face and body care has been designed for home use and is suitable for different skin types. Natural Vitamin Pharm Cosmetics Swiss Energy is focused on maintaining health, youth and the beauty of skin!

Combining the Power of Nature and Scientific Knowledge

We are utilizing the latest scientific research in combination with traditional Swiss recipes to engineer fast acting, effective cosmetic products using the best natural, raw materials together with modern pharmaceutical ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics Based on High Concentrations of Vitamins and Herbal Extracts

Swiss experts have proposed a fundamentally new concept of skin care: cosmetic products must take care not only of beauty but also of skin health. An important innovative solution is the widespread using of vitamins and extracts of Alpine herbs in their high concentrations. Plant extracts are the rich sources of natural vitamins and minerals that are able to have anti-aging and rejuvenating effects on the skin. Swiss Energy pharmaceutical vitamin cosmetics are focused on maintaining health, youth and beauty!

Manufacture. Suppliers

Swiss Energy Cosmetics products are manufactured by well-known Swiss factory:
Jüstrich Cosmetics AG.
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