Swiss Energy Vitamins and Food Supplements

Swiss Premium Quality
Scientifically based food supplements

Swiss Energy food supplements have been specially developed by Swiss Energy Pharma GmbH, Switzerland, taking into account recommendations of the leading health care specialists.

Swiss Energy products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. The production facilities are located in the most ecologically clean regions of Switzerland, which guarantees the highest standards of quality and purity of the products. 

Some manufactures have been established more than 100 years ago. They have a long time successful history of being. Thanks to this, we successfully combine the latest scientific inventions and time-tested recipes to create the most effective Swiss Energy products.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Swiss Energy is a range of science-based nutritional supplement products, primarily made from branded and thoroughly researched ingredients.

Best Manufacturing Practice

We use only GMP-certified manufacturing facilities that have passed our rigorous requirements. We monitor every product throughout the production cycle to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

Proven Science

We focus on the development and manufacturing of scientifically-supported vitamins and supplements to help you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Fact Action and High Efficiency

Swiss Energy products are presented with the most effective forms to deliver active ingredients into the organism such as effervescent tablets, sustained release capsules, soft gummies, softly melting dextrose tablets, herbal lozenges, toffees, etc.

Manufacture. Suppliers

Swiss Energy products are manufactured by worldwide-known Swiss factories:
Alpex Pharma SA, Domaco Dr.Med. Aufdermaur AG, Gelpell AG, Jüstrich Cosmetics AG, Frey AG, and others.
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