Breaking News: 100% Bacterial Filtration Mask!

Specialists at MedTex factory – Global Swiss Group’s production complex – set another technological record in designing protective face coverings: meet the world's first medical-grade reusable mask with 100% bacterial filtration efficiency!

Made in the EU, these novel facepieces were subjected to the same testing procedures as our medical masks underwent earlier – analysis in compliance with European Standard EN 14683+AC2019. As a result, EUROLAB Laboratory witnessed excellent scores to award new specimens the type IIR of medical masks. And not only that. The test report, issued on the 11th of November, described the new Protection Eco Mask with Silver Ions as 99.99% BFE class protective device, too!  

Yet, aside from the high technical grades, Eco Masks have impressive characteristics for comfortable and fashionable wear:
Earloops with adjustment stoppers
Protective multiple-layer construction
Availability in several colors and prints
TC-Bac two-side silver coating.

There is no doubt that Global Swiss Group is going to further explore, test and utilize new possibilities whenever it comes to developing up-to-date and high-quality medical products. Stay tuned and you will see more soon!

Date: 2020-11-16

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