First Dr.Frei Oxygen Analyzer Available Now

Knowing your blood oxygen level can help to detect health problems at a very early stage. An oximeter is the device for measuring blood oxygen levels. New Dr.Frei AS-304-L Pulse Oximeter is a gadget that every family must have, especially in times of high probability of infection and inflammatory diseases.

On the whole, pulse oximetry is considered a very fast and absolutely painless method of measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood, of how well oxygen is being sent to parts of the body furthest from the heart, such as the arms and legs. In healthy people, the readings normally are from 95 to 100%. If the saturation number falls lower than 92%, it means a patient has a deficiency in oxygen reaching tissues in their body and may have any of the conditions affecting blood oxygen levels, including pneumonia, asthma, COPD, anemia and others.

Our novel device is easy to use and quick to get results! Just put your finger in a clip-like probe and, within a few seconds, the oximeter will provide a readout of your heart rate and your oxygen saturation level. Dr.Frei AS-304-L fingertip analyzer determines the user's medical signs just in 3-4 seconds and keeps monitoring them in real time with a varying height of bar graph indicating the strength of the user's heartbeat.

Dr.Frei Pulse Oximeter is compact, light-weight and convenient in carrying. A lanyard is helpfully supplied in a set – for medical workers who need to keep the Pulse Oximeter within reach during the hours on duty. Its energy-saving build with strong resistance to ambient light interference ensures prolonged and universal service time: 2 AAA batteries can be continuously used for 12 hours and the electronic device efficiently works in a wide spectrum of ambient light.

We wish you to keep yourselves in good health with Dr.Frei medical devices!

Date: 2020-10-23

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