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With a new model of a streamlined racing car-like device, we are breathing new life into the nebuliser product line: meet Turbo Lex, a universal inhaler with paramount characteristics of a champion in its format:

– Effective treatment of upper and lower airways

– Suitable for the whole family

– Smart size and smart style.

Turbo Lex nebuliser cars are heavily based around technology and aerodynamics, just like their real-life four-wheel motor counterparts competing for the title of the fastest. During atomiser therapy, the medication is able to travel to the area where it needs to work: directly into upper or lower airways. And with a high rate of turning liquid medicine into micro-droplets, the speed of breathing treatment increases, saving a patient's time, which may be very practical in case of children's therapy.

Turbo Lex nebuliser cars ensure efficient, manoeuvrable medicine deposition in both upper and lower respiratory tracts by means of producing aerosol particles of different sizes. With an average dynamic diameter from 4.0 ± 20% microns, extra-fine droplets are ideal for reaching into the lower airways, more specifically in the pulmonary alveoli. On the other hand, micro-droplets greater than 5.0 microns of diameter are unable to pass through the throat and vocal cords and they will work in the upper airways.

Turbo Lex nebuliser cars are electric-powered devices with mighty atomizer jets used to create a current of suspended micro-droplets, allowing the deep and directed administration of drugs. And yet, our inhalers come as user-friendly and gentle on kid's ears with low-level noise distractions. Working around a cycle of 30 minutes on/ 30 minutes off, Turbo Lex nebulisers offer a comfortable and fun time similar to riding in a favorite automobile.

Turbo Lex nebuliser car has a modern stylish look and can easily pass for a toy bringing amusement to the series of family therapy and entertaining the kids. Being of compact, smart size and surprisingly lightweight – not much larger and heavier than your trusted smartphone – Turbo Lex inhaler can become a useful accessory for those who need administering aerosol medication while travelling. Finally, as an efficient tool in treating a wide spectrum of respiratory diseases, Turbo Lex can make a birthday present or a New Year gift, serviceable and lovely.

Solid reasons to choose Dr.Frei Turbo Lex nebuliser!

Date: 2020-12-01

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