Savor the Ultimate Spa Experience!

From the heart of the Swiss Alps where mountain springs are born, the title component of a unique Swiss toothpaste came: the purest thermal water. So Dentissimo SPA Expert with Thermal Water was created, the exclusive toothpaste combining the best natural active ingredients with the renowned mineral water of Bad Ragaz to savor the ultimate Swiss thermal spa experience!

This dentifrice started from a prominent dentist’s idea shared with the Dentissimo Premium Oral Care brand. Dr. Michael Meier is the founder and practitioner of Swiss dental clinic Perfect Smile Dental Care Bad Ragaz located at a five-star luxury resort in Europe. Since 1242, this place has become famous for its thermal water from the Tamina Gorge, unique in its effect and rare in its mineral composition. Inspired by pure and health-giving Swiss nature, Dentissimo team imagined developing a toothpaste enriched with mineralizing ingredients derived from the Tamina thermal water. That would be almost like having a special spa cocktail for the teeth in a single toothpaste tube!

Subsequently, the idea was researched and developed into a marvellous premium product, putting to use the best from the technological field and natural realm. The toothpaste’s composition is based on remineralizing agents and active ingredients to nourish gum tissue and provide deep mineral saturation to the protective enamel layer of teeth. For perfect mouth and teeth care, there is a balanced formula of only natural herbal extracts with a proven track record of effective cleaning, natural tooth-strengthening and lasting freshening.

Specifically, Chamomile Flower Extract and Vitamin E contain beneficial antioxidants and moisturizing oils, provide soothing and anti-irritant properties, nourish gum tissues. Then, Bisabolol and Sage Extract have a sanitizing effect, and can help to soothe irritated tissues and strengthen the gums. Additionally, Sweet Almond Oil helps to promote tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. Furthermore, Echinacea Extract protects against gingivitis, stomatitis, makes a sanitizing effect, and helps to reduce bleeding gums. Finally, Clove Oil facilitates the reduction of inflammation in the mouth and assists in suppressing halitosis.

Dentissimo cares for the oral health of its customers and encourages exclusivity in their lifestyle. The new product was created to enjoy true Swiss quality, relish the gifts of nature and enhance the natural beauty of smiles with Dentissimo SPA Expert. Learn more about the new toothpaste from the Presentation and Video 

Date: 2021-04-20

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